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Friday, September 23, 2011

Deer are the devil!

This is my heavily laden peach tree. You might think it's VERY heavily laden and that the way the tree is leaning is due to the heavy fruit. You would be wrong.

It's those blasted deer! They are obviously knocking them down, pulling them down and otherwise, trying my patience something awful. How do I know it was them when I didn't actually see them do it nor am I ever around when they are in my orchard?
foolproof evidence of deer presence

The tell-tale sign of deer...their droppings. I don't much care for them defecating around where I have to walk but they are only doing what Mother Nature have taught them to do. They are merely fertilizing their own food supply. As a frugal and self reliant sort of gardener, this self sustaining activity upon which plants rely greatly must be not only tolerated but expected and revered...but I think I just digressed again. Where was I? Ah, yes, deer are the devil!

The only good thing is the deer are not eating the least not yet. Why I can only imagine is that the fruit isn't quite ripe yet. After all, the deer, rabbits and woodchuck plus other assorted critters of the four-legged type, know instinctively when they are ripe and will, therefore, wait.

Well, I picked a few apples which I assumed were ripe. There were half eaten ones under the tree to tell me that. The deer had, in my absence of the previous week, taken a few choice ones which were growing on branches lower to the ground. I had to reach on tiptoe to get these. Bother! I'll need to get the pole picker out to gather the rest before the deer take those too.

I also grabbed a few peaches. I thought I'd bring them in and see if the ripen a bit in the house. I can only hope.


  1. I do not know much about growing things, but do know about harvesting.

    When I was small, our parents always took us to orchards to pick apples and other fruit. So, I instinctively know. I'd be glad to help you harvest lol.

    Also, in my opinion if we as the people would not mess with natural habitats, the deer and other wild critters would be more likely to stay away.

  2. Deer know where the going is good and that's where they go risking death like crossing busy streets and highways. Even though there is plenty of food for them in forests--at least around here-- they will go out of their way to visit orchards and over-fertilized gardens for their treats.

  3. Who knew deer were not necessarily darlings? You knew, lol.


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