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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love and hate in the garden

First sign of the hateful end of the growing season

This is the time of year when hate comes into the garden. This is when the garden starts to be untrue and unfaithful to the gardener. In spring it comes alive and shows it is as in love with the world, as the world is with it. Spring in the garden is for love, full of love, only for love. Not so in the autumn.
“But wait,” you say. “It’s not autumn yet. There’s still plenty of summer left!”

Indeed there is, but the betrayal starts now, just before summer’s end. The vines growing ever faster with more leaves popping out as if it knows its time is short.  The shrubs and trees which were so full of life with active birds nesting ceaselessly  tending their brood and bees busily humming ever-conscious of the need to feed the hive. Now the nests lay silent, the birdhouses on the porch which were noisy all spring are now abandoned and a scattering of bees search for the dwindling  nectar-yielding flowers. 

They feel a loss. The trees do, the shrubs do, even the birds and bees do and most certainly the gardener does.

And the blossoms, the perennial and annual flowers ever-blooming  during the growing season, now  their blossoms are few and far between and those which remain are fading and setting seed. Those seeds will ripen and with a surreptitious nod fall to the ground or blow off into the wind in preparation for the autumn blanket of leaves which will keep them cozy all winter long. 

Any connoisseur of nature will see the way the garden prepares for the separation. The garden perhaps doesn’t wish to leave the gardener, but it will, for it must. T’is what happens when seasons change. The changing seasons, like a fickle, capricious mistress, steals the garden away from its true love. 

Love and hate, hate and love, they come together in the garden. The lover who leaves you must be hated, after least until he comes back.


  1. Now, you do know you cannot have two entries for the challenge, right? ;-)
    I really like this. I am still amazed how you manage to make stuff grow in your climate. I always blamed climate on my brown thumb but thanks to you, I can't.

  2. When you're tenacious enough, you can grow anything anywhere. You just have to keep trying. I wrote this before I settled on my sparse novel excerpt for the entry.

  3. Keep trying? Not after my vine fiasco.


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