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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new lily garden

So, Tom walks into the kitchen while I'm cooking with a huge smile on his face and a big box in his hands.

"You have a package," he says. At the blank look on my face, he adds, "Dory forgot, didn't she?"

I certainly must have. I couldn't recall ordering anything.

For me, a package? Why would I get anything in the mail? My Helium pal Jim Bessey, when he eventually strayed away from the camping grounds, had already sent me my long awaited seeds from his Phlox paniculata, so it couldn't possibly be another one from him. After all, if Jim--aka Mr. Procrastinator, thought to send me more seeds, I'm quite certain I wouldn't get those for another two years!

So, when Tom called me Dory, I tried to remember and it came to me...

Contents of the box

It was the Lily collection I ordered way back in spring from Gilbert H. Wild and Son, one of the best mail order places for the newest, best and sturdiest cultivars of Hostas, Daylily, Peony, Iris and Lilies.
Many kinds of lilies

Unlike what you might think, I grimaced at the thought of all those lily bulbs and said, "Oh, no!"

Why? It's not that I didn't want them. I most certainly did! It was because I was not ready for them. There were 70 lily bulbs of different kinds which needed a whole garden all to themselves and one where I could keep them relatively safe from marauding rabbits which pretty much nibbled to death most of my other Asiatic lilies.
After much heaving and huffing, stone back in place

What to do and where to put them? I could only think of one place which had been giving me trouble for years, my stone-step garden. This stone-step garden is just three tiers of planting beds. Tom created them to keep the hill from washing out. It was a very wet spot and as you can see, it still is! It was a mess especially after all this rain, but not only that. It was also falling into disrepair. The rocks-boulders-stones, whatever you wish to call them, were toppling over, wobbly and unsteady.
Muddy mess where rain water collects

So, first, I had to do that, fix the hardscape part of this garden. I was all alone so I had only me and my not-so-strong back to take care of this. OY! Not an easy task for this weakling, I'll tell ya! I almost killed myself with a giant pry bar coming down on me. After much heaving and huffing I straightened the blasted thing. Hey, I survived. I'm alive still and that's all that matters. I may actually have a few more muscles now, too! Woo-hoo!
Middle tier planted and freshly filled with soil and compost

It took two carts full of soil/compost to refill these beds after I removed all the weeds. One good thing about a lot of rain. It makes the weeding that much easier. They just pull out nicely with nary a bit of resistance.

I filled the cart with weeds and took them to the compost pile and then filled it up with the compost and brought it back. Efficient work.

And there it is, my future-to-be lily garden. No, it doesn't look like much now, But I do so hope it will be nice next year.


  1. I am surprised Tom did not yell at you for moving that slab by yourself lol.

  2. I did tell him...after the fact. I think the only reason he didn't yell at me was because he was so tired from driving home from MA or was it Long Island? One of those.


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