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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pathetic pumpkins

What horrors awaited me upon my return from vacation! Look at these pathetic pumpkins! They look like deflated balloons, only worse. They are rotted and squished and oh-so miserable looking and not just because they were almost over run with weeds while I lounged in the Outer Banks sun-drenched beach with my Tommy.

The vines had shriveled up and just died and the pumpkins...well, let's just say the slugs had themselves a feast.

At least some fared a bit better.

How odd. The vines were barely visible anymore. Quite dead and dried up which is double weird what with all the rain they had in Pennsylvania in our absence. Well, perhaps not so odd. Too much rain is barely better than too little. The vines must have rotted.

Some pumpkins were not quite ripe and those vines seem okay as of yet. Fingers crossed!

I even spotted a few blossoms. Who knows? They just may be able to do something before the end of the season. Not holding my breath for that one though. Jack is due any minute now. Jack Frost I mean. I hate that guy! Have I told you that lately? Well, I'm saying it now!

All in all a rather disappointing harvest, especially when I compare it to last year. *Sigh* The trouble with vacation I suppose. But my Tommy would have imploded if I hadn't insisted on going.

Better luck next time.

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  1. My cucumber vines did the same thing. I did get one decent batch early in the summer and then lot's of vine growth and flowers and puny cucumbers with the vines at the base looking like yours. No abnormal growth on the vines either like our tomatoes did last year.


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