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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Playing hide-n-seek with Lysmachia Alexander

There I was in the side yard attempting to tame the shrub border, when I almost stumble on top of my missing Lysmachia Alexander.

"Alex, where have you been all this time???" I shout at him.

"Duh, like right here, you idiot. Right where you unceremoniously planted me and then forgot about me. The weeds have almost eaten me alive, but do you care? NO!" Alexander said to me.

Poor abandoned Alexander!

He seemed a bit miffed to me. But then you would be too, if someone you thought loved you put you in this forgotten place and then left you to fend for yourself. Goodness, no wonder he's pissed!

I must make it up to him. I'll transplant him once the weather cools. He'll have a nice, prominent spot in the yellow bed in the back yard, where he should have stayed in the first place. That was where his relations lived and they're all very happy and thriving there.

There was something rather odd about Alexander's relations, though. I'll tell about this oddity next time.
Hiding behind the purple loosestrife


  1. Your a regular Dr. Doolittle of the plant world.

  2. Poor Lysmachia Alexander...good thing you discovered him in time to rescue him. It is amazing how badly plants do if not placed in the right conditions.

    I was wondering about your Purple Loosetrife --although it is attractive, here it is considered to be an undesirable invasive species, which takes over marshes and wetlands very rapidly, choking out the native vegetation. Concerned people even get together and remove Purple Loosetrife where it appears along roadways!

  3. LOL, I guess so. He clearly spoke to me...or I may be or the other! ;-)

  4. Hi Glory, I noticed you said you were attempting to tame the shrub "boarder". Although I would have used the word "border", I'm now wondering if you used the other spelling intentionally. After all, these plants do seem to board in your yard. Lucky plants, they get free room and board, too.

    Keep writing!


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