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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sedum Autumn Joy

Most of the growing season you barely notice Sedum Autumn Joy. Why? Well, the name should be a clue. There isn't anything spectacular about it until the Autumn.

Other sedums, those which crawl over the soil and spread like the flu in kindergarten class, make their show in spring. I have several types of these. Sedums with yellow star shaped flowers, pink stars shaped flowers, and red flowers are all over the place and are always getting weeded out when they get carried away with their own tenacity--which is dreadfully often! But I still love them. Go figure!

Autumn Joy, on the other hand...well, it lays in wait for the right time to make itself seen. And a good time too, it is for it to bloom! It has very little to compete with it at this time of year. Only a handful of perennials are still putting forth blooms and any annuals which may still be about are slowly but surely going to seed.

No doubt about it, Sedum Autumn Joy is a fine plant to have for that sparse time at the end of summer and just before Jack Frost shows up. I ought to get me a few more. Good thing it is like all other sedums and propagates easily--just not on its own. I'll have to help it.


  1. The true Autumn Joy is knowing I don't have to cut the grass too many more times this year. YEAH!!!

  2. Oh, but I do so love the smell of fresh-cut grass!I wish I could find a scented candle with that fresh, sweet grass scent...would love it for the winter.


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