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Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven Wild, Wacky, Wonderful and Weird Things about me

So, Julie Helms, the wise and powerful of Wooly Acres fame and also proprietor of  Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange, had this great idea...she admits to stealing it but I won't tell if you don't! She chose to reveal 7 wild, wacky, wonderful and weird things about herself and invited her readers, relations and friends to join in the fun. I thought I'd do the same and invite you all to confess a bit of yourself here. This is what I contributed to Wooly Acres.
Happy Little Glory in Manhattan

1. I was so terribly shy as a kid (still am but to a lesser degree) that people assumed I didn’t understand English or perhaps they just never noticed me. The things I heard!

2. When young, I worried I wouldn’t be able to have kids…obviously needlessly.

3. I assumed at 16 that I was an American citizen when my parents became naturalized. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I wasn’t! (No need to call the INS. I was here in the USA quite legally as a permanent resident and had actually been voting even though I shouldn't have been able to! Can you imagine? I’m legally USA all the way, now and very proud of it!)

4. I refuse to cry in front of people. Just a funny thing about it for me, so I just try not to.

5. I can’t pass a funeral procession without crying. (yes, #4 sometimes conflicts with this one)

6. I was always afraid to smile. I was ashamed of the gap between my front teeth.

7. I didn’t go to college because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Then I found Tom and finally knew. And seeing all the college-educated idiots around me, I'm still not convinced I should have gone. I've learned far more useful things on my own, thank you very much.

So, my readers, what are your secrets? Tell me 7 wild, wonderful, wacky and/or weird things about yourself. No worries, I won't tell.


  1. Great idea:)

    1. Extremely shy as a child. A wonderful 4-H leader helped me overcome it (or at least look like it).
    2. I can write backwards.
    3. I can write upside down and backwards (the words, not me:)
    4. I had a fever of 108 as a 3yo and lived to tell about it.
    5. I like to freak people out by bending just the tips of my fingers and "popping" them. (double jointed-looks like a 5-legged spider on crack)
    6. My first "God story" I remember was when I asked God for a sundress. We had no money and they were popular. The next week a box of clothing was left on our front porch and inside was my dress - exactly as I had pictured it! Thank you God:)
    7. I often like being 'alone in a crowd'. I want people around me. I want to listen to them. But I also like to quietly do things with my hands (craft/tear stuff/...) alone in my own little world in the midst of the big world.

  2. I like that you can write backwards and upside-down--have no idea how that nifty ability would help you but good to be able to do it, nonetheless, but I love how God granted you your wish! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. OK, my original answers are on my blog, but I will scrape the bottom here looking for some more!

    1. I was switched at birth. The wrong mother screamed when they handed me to her...apparently my head was a little deformed. Meanwhile my mother was saying, "Oh she doesn't look as bad as I remembered."

    2. I won a burping contest in Jr. High (longest and loudest combo burp)

    3. I fell unconscious in front of a doctor 10 minutes after receiving a vaccination.

    4. Alexander Graham Bell asked my grandmother (when she was a teen) if she would like a ride home in his carriage. She said No. (I know, it's not me but I'm running out of anything interesting!)

  4. Well, you certainly made me laugh! That's good for something!

  5. I am going to steal this and blog seven things about myself. As if y'all need to know more lol. Very interesting way to get to know people online.

  6. Not steal...borrow! This is for sharing.

  7. I meant that tongue-in-cheek. Of course I will give credit where credit is due, don't I always ;-)


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