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Saturday, September 10, 2011


I get this note from my far-off and slightly distressed Helium friend Charlotte Howard in bonny-bonny England:

I came home from my holidays to find some horrible slug / snail has devoured half my herb garden and all of my strawberry plants! Any tips on deterring them without using slug pellets? I tried salt, but the cat sat there licking it all up...

Horrors! This was my reply to her:

Charlotte, Please don't use salt. It will just poison your soil and then you'll have a heck of a time trying to get anything to grow there. What you need to do is have a nice big breakfast. Now stop laughing! I'm totally serious! You have to save all your egg shells and allow them to dry either out in the sun or in a warm oven, Then you crush them and place them around the base of each plant you wish to protect. The slug get all cut up if they try to pass over the jagged shells and then they literally bleed to death. Yes, I know this could be bothersome if you have loads of plants, but it really does work and it's cheap! You get an omelet and your plants get protection. Win-win!

Charlotte is quite an accomplished writer and also the channel manager over at Vets, Pets and Horses at Helium, so for answers to your  animal questions, go to her. If you have a craving for a murder mystery, do check out Charlotte's novel Murder at Meadowview.


  1. Glory and @ Charlotte, this might sound kind of weird, but used coffee grains (collected and dried) spread around the base of the plants will also deter slugs (at least the variety we have) quite successfully. We had hundreds of slugs munching our cabbage and tomatoes last year--but with the coffee-grain treatment, we have only seen a couple. BIG improvement.
    Diatomaceous earth (preferably not the type with clay in it) also works like the eggshell treatment. Slugs avoid passing over it. Good luck with that, and have breakfast anyway... ":)

  2. Raymond ~ Will decaf work or do the slugs like the stuff?!

  3. LOL I think it would work fine! I always had heard coffee grounds were great for adding to the compost but I didn't know slugs didn't like them. Alas, Tom nor I drink coffee so we have no coffee grounds readily available. I may have to find me some coffee drinking pals just to steal their grounds!


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