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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The "Sterile" Peach tree

Don't know if this photo does it justice, but this is my weeping ornamental flowering peach tree. As it is an ornamental tree it's not supposed to produce fruit. that makes it sterile. Well, lo and behold, it ain't!

From the start this tree produced fruit. Not edible fruit but fruit just the same. Actually, I take that back. Our local groundhog--Mr. Groundhog as Tyler dubbed him way back when-- loved to nibble on the fallen fruits. I haven't seen him lately but I know we have other critters who must love the tiny peaches. I know this because of the peach pits I have all over the yard and under the tree.

So, knowing this "sterile" tree produces fruit regardless that it's not supposed to, take a guess what else it does. Oh, go ahead, use your imagination. You'll never get as close to the bizarre thing it actually does anyway, so give it your best shot.

See this? It's a little tree. A little baby weeping ornamental flowering peach tree which grew from one of the pits from the fruit of the supposedly sterile mother tree. Ain't that something to write home about?

Here's another one. I get five or six of them growing under the mama tree every year. Told you it was weird. I mean to say, who expects saplings to grow from sterile trees? Perhaps I am the Lorax after all.


  1. Glory, it seems you are the Lorax AND the zeitgeist of peach trees too. Amazing, a sterile tree that produces both fruit and offspring--there's something weird going on there with that little green thumb of yours!
    Now you can graft a good peach on one of the baby it a shot in the spring and you'll see one of life's little successes !

  2. Well, there's an idea! I may try it.

  3. That is actually a really good idea, sometimes alternative root stocks are much better. Also try grafting a peach twig directly on the 'sterile' tree, you could even get cross-pollinated fruit that is unique and BETTER. Have fun!


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