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Monday, September 5, 2011

Weeding tools

Yes, these are my weeding tools. Don't suppose they're any different than what most people use, but I thought I show you them anyway.

From left to right they are:

Regular trowel

I'm sure you know how to use one of these, but do you use it to weed out a deep rooted weed? That's what I do. Dandelions in particular come out nicely with one of these.

Transplanting trowel

Much like the regular trowel, this transplanter will go into the soil easily  and because of the more narrow blade is able to dig in around other plants without disturbing the roots of the desirable plants within the garden.

Hand rake

This hand rake only works for very young weeds or those with fine surface roots, but it's still good to have. It works well to loosen soil and for incorporating compost right where the plants need it.

Curved weeding fork

I can't say that I use this much. It really is only good for long tap roots growing in fine soil. I don't have fine soil. Mine is not as compacted now as it used to be before I started using copious amounts of both mulch and compost, but it still isn't the loose, sandy soil we had out on the Island. Why do I have it then? Because...don't really know. Someone must have given it to me or something and being a frugal person, I won't throw it away. I have many tools I got from Tom's grandmother just after she passed away. It possibly came from there. Once in a while I do use it just so it doesn't feel neglected.

Straight weeding fork

This one came in the set, too, so that's why I have it. I don't use it much either. It is good to sneak very close to plants especially when a weed decides to grow so close to it--hoping I guess that you don't see it. Works every time. I almost always miss seeing the sneaky weeds until they are well established, but when I do spot it, this straight fork helps to get most if not all the root without too much damage to the plant you want to keep.

Heavy duty weeder/chopper

This the the best thing for weeding. I love it bunches. I used to have two others but I kept breaking them. They just weren't as high quality as this one. It's heavy too--Tommy thought a bit too heavy. He didn't want to buy it for me thinking that I would hurt my wrists. Well, maybe it does hurt me a bit when I overuse it, but it does the job so well, I barely need anything else. It goes deep into the soil and gets almost all the roots the first time. Digs out rocks too, which I have tons of, if you will recall my saying such. The other side of the weeder is great for chopping stubborn roots out of the way. It's just an awesome tool which I highly recommend.
Just a "few" rocks out of the rose bed

Now you know what I use in the garden to get rid of weeds. Are there any other tools you particularly like to use for weeding in your garden? I'd like to know about it.


  1. Ah, well, I'm sure you wouldn't want to share her with me.

  2. I wouldn't mind sharing as long as you give her back.


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