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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What were you doing on September 11, 2001?

Do you recall what you were doing ten years ago today? I do, but that's not unusual. Many Americans do. It was a day never to be forgotten, not by true Americans, anyway.

Ten years ago today, Tom and I sent the kids off to school like any other day. We were singing along to the radio, laughing and joking that day and that too was quite usual for us. We had a good life then and we knew it. We were happy and still are. What was unusual about that day was the activity we had planned. We were going to paint the house, the downstairs bathroom and foyer to be precise.

So, there we were painting, singing, joking, laughing and talking about who-knows-what-silly stuff when the phone rings. It was Tom's father, George. He was at the doughnut shop which Tom had set up for him in Mount Pocono and had him run.

"Something funny's going on," George said nervously. "Tons of police cars and fire trucks and ambulances are whizzing by the shop full speed. You hear anything?"

"Nothing," Tom replied. They talked a bit more and when he hung up, Tom turned on the TV and there it was...the first images of 9/11. The first plane had just hit the first of the twin towers and it was ablaze with heavy black smoke pouring out. Before we could do anything more than exchange startled looks, the next tower was hit.

I gasped and covered my mouth with my pink paint splattered hand. "Dear God! All those poor people! This is the beginning of World War III," were the first words out of my mouth.

I don't quite know what made me say that except that, to me, it was obviously not an accident and equally obvious it was a direct hit on the USA from some unknown enemy.

I watched in horror. As someone who always says and truly believes all things happen for a reason and one who always tried her best to find that reason, I knew I couldn't come up with one for this event. I tried, yes, I did try, but it eluded me completely. Ten years later and still I cannot come up with one. I don't suppose I'll ever know which is fine. We are not, we mere mortals, supposed to know everything, after all. We would just be guessing anyway. There is no way for us to understand. How could we? There simply is no logical, practical and especially rational reason for such inhumanity.

Like the rest of America and some of our true friends beyond our borders, I wept for the lost lives and prayed tirelessly for the families left to grapple with this horrendous loss of life. My soul ached for the loss of innocence, of normalcy, of peace, of happiness and I genuinely feared for what was to follow. We all knew something of this magnitude could not and should not be ignored. Ten years later, the wounds may have healed, but there are deep scars, many ugly, indelible scars.

While we are remembering this tragic event and those we lost on that fine September day, I'd like to take a moment and address those who thought this was a wonderful thing to have happened, those who wished more innocents had been harmed and those who may have funded, urged and otherwise "egged on" those who actually perpetrated this plan and did the deed, those gullible fools---seventy-seven virgins waiting for them in heaven? Talk about men thinking with their...but I digress--who flew those planes to their own death and caused so much suffering.

I ask them this: How are you doing? How has your life been these past ten years? How are your families? Did several thousand innocent lives-- people presumably you've never even met nor knew personally--snuffed out so brutally, do you, your family and friends any good? Is your life all the better for cheering when the towers came down? Really, was it all that great for you? Was it worth it? Are you eternally happy now?

No, I didn't think so. May God have mercy on your damaged souls.

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  1. Indeed I remember. I had just posted my own blog on it when I saw yours. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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