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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wisteria gone wild...again!

Do you recall my telling you about my wisteria tree...the one which desperately is trying to revert back to a vine? Well, it's winning the battle... and I didn't ever sign up for this war, too.

Well, the wisteria tree has gone wild... again. I have pruned it to almost nothing two times this year and it needs another haircut. Can you guess that I'm ready to give up? OY!

Just look at this thing! Long tendrils whipping around willy-nilly, foliage so dense you can't even see the form within. Trunk? What trunk? It is supposed to have a canopy and yet it looks like a shrub at best and a jungle at worst!

You can't even see the base of the trunk. Yes, leaves and wispy branches are growing ALL OVER IT.
Well, I fixed that! I took the pruners to the gosh-darn thing and nearly hacked it to death. Okay, death is a bit of an exaggeration. I'm convinced it can't be killed.


  1. Glory, maybe that is one of the types you have to prune very, very late in the fall just before it goes dormant so it does not have a chance to exude hormones which during it's active growing season make it form a zillion buds everywhere you made cuts. Some plants are just begging to be pruned so they can spread and take over civilization and YOUR space. Try that....":)

  2. I've tried at all times of the year and it's the same thing...rampant growth. I may just cut off one of those limbs and have half to deal with next year.

  3. Hi, I am facing a two way battle, the wife who thinks i kill everything i tough and the Wisteria who is trying to control me. I believe someone took some pictures from our plant, because they are identical to the one above. there are so many sticks coming out of the ground, I cannot see the main trunk. So where to start? now or in the fall? I will show this page to the wife, this might ease the stop order not to touch the plant. regards Dieter who is new to this group.

    1. Tom yelled at me that I had finally killed it with the last pruning. I wish! It's back to its crazy, super growing wild self. I just don't know what to do with this thing!

  4. Hi, I face a two way battle, the wife who thinks I kill everything I touch and the wisteria who is trying to control me.I believe someone took some pictures of our wisteria plant because they look the same. there are so many sticks coming out of the ground I cannot see the main trunk. So what to do ? or wait till fall ? I will show this page to the wife, :) Regards Dieter

  5. Is it ok if i use one of your pictures for a book cover?

  6. Yes, Bob, I suppose it would be if I get compensated for it with a free copy of your book. What is it about?


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