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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn's contradictions

It's always startling to see the contradictions abound in autumn. The weather cools so much and so suddenly at times--at least here in the Poconos-- that I see the end of summer way before the calender tells me it actually is autumn.
One in its glory and the other spent and forlorn

Then when it actually turns officially to autumn, the weather warms again. It especially irks me when Jack Frost makes an early and undesirable appearance, zapping my most tender plants, only to recede for a return to warm summer-like weather.

What the hay! The tomatoes which could have still produced and flourished are now a pile of wilted vines ready for the compost. Needless to say, autumn in the Poconos can be trying on a gardeners senses.

It's odd to see my marigolds among the fallen leaves. Autumn contradictions are like that I guess.


  1. The first hint of Autumn around here is the Kudzu. During the summer the vines grow up to a foot a day but as summer comes to a close the vines basically stop growing at all. This is even before the leaves start dying on them. It's also the time they start flowering and I imagine that all of the plants growth goes into producing the flowers and not more vines. For a plant that is the last to leave and start to grow in the summer it is truly amazing because it makes up for the late start with it's over the top growth. My chickens love it so I'll be sad to see it go. I'll probably lose my NC citizenship now. LOL

  2. I wonder...could you plant some in a pot to keep indoors for your chickens to have a clipping or two every once in a while? I'd consider it...but yes, NC might just kick you into West Virginia or something!

  3. Oh my goodness you two--that's as bad as discussing breeding mosquitoes on purpose! Hey Glory, is that a Sweet Gum in the middle picture? It's a beautiful color!

  4. We planted kale (20 pants) 2 weeks ago and some critter that can jump a four foot fence ate every single plant. We had an 8 foot fence cause the deer but haven't seen a deer in the area since they built a development across the street. So we reduced the 8 foot fence to 4 feet and got punished for it. So maybe we just need to get the greens that local grocery store discards when they get wilty. I could never live down having a pet kudzu plant indoors.

  5. It is indeed a sweetgum tree. I believe they are also called Tupalo down south

  6. I always love your pics. I rarely use more than one, because Blogger gives me fits with the formatting.

  7. We've had the exact same thing happen in here in my home town - an early killing frost followed by a week of summer-hot weather. It certainly does make for some interesting contradictions in the garden, doesn't it?

    I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way. So many lovely photos!


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