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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Backyard trees

There I was just coming out of the house to start my day in the garden, when I see the trees which border the backyard. Okay, you got me. I can always see them, but this time I noticed the colors changing on the maple. This maple is not a red swamp maple like the one by the pond.

These trees were the ones already here when we bought the property. They were growing in a line on either side of an existing rock wall, so I can't be positive what cultivars they are. I have a general idea, though. At the risk of getting Julie, of Wooly Acres and Raymond, of Incoming Bytes all fired up again, I'm going with a sugar maple.

This  leaf is my only proof of this assertion. I shall say no more on this topic...until I feel like it, that is.

The nearly bare tree next to the sugar maple is a pain-in-the-ash, the ultimate nuisance tree. See all those brown things on the branches? Those are a zillion saplings ready to sprout everywhere I don't want them...which is everywhere! I just don't like this tree because of all the babies it produces. There, I said it! I don't like Ash least not this one.
Down the tree line is a stump from an apple tree which died last year. Oh, but I loved that tree! Such pretty flowers it had each spring and I did get some nice apples from it, too. Ah, well, only the good die young as Billy Joel will tell us. Next to that is another sugar maple. Its neon yellow-orange foliage looks fantastic against the blue sky.

Down even further are more maples, more apple trees, a few choke cherries and more ash trees. These trees sure make the backyard look nice.


  1. These pictures were taken today? Nice blue sky you're having. You should see the sky in Toronto (not that far away from you), grey with the promise of rain. Not that I'm complaining, I love rain.

  2. No, these were taken last week. I usually post about a week ahead. Today it is cloudy and drizzly...we even expect snow for tomorrow!


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