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Monday, October 31, 2011

Been a long time

It had been a long time since I brought in these snowball flowers to dry...okay, a long time for me.

I had  some from a few years back which I placed over the kitchen cabinets. But they had to go. They got all dusty up there.

So, I replaced them, but I didn't put them up top again. I thought they would be nice in vases on the table.

It wasn't just the snowballs I brought in. I liked the look of these PeeGee Hydrangeas, so I clipped some of those, too.

And here they are. They already had the crepe paper feel to them.

They get so fragile after they dry, but if left alone  they do last almost indefinitely. I like my forever  flower bouquets!


  1. Flowery snowballs amidst ... real snowballs outside lol.

  2. How would I have known these snowballs would have the real snowball stuff so soon?


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