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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Combining the love of flowers with crochet

Welcome to Crafting Tuesday, a regular feature at Glory’s Garden. If you come to Glory's Garden expecting garden stuff, you'll know Tuesdays are the days to stay away. They will only disappoint you, after all. Crafting is a big part of my life, though, and this blog just wouldn't be the same without some mention of it. Alas, as much as I would like to be in the garden all the time, all year long, my short growing season and perpetual cloud bursts--yes, it tends to rain too much around here at times-- I must do something inside and that is where sewing, crocheting and knitting, both loom and regular type, come to save my sanity.

Oh, lookie here! I found a way to combine the love of flowers with crochet. I found a pattern for an afghan which consists of 48 blocks. They form a nice flower and depending on the colors you use, the flowers could be anything! Now I can crochet an entire garden!
This was the first flower I made. I used a rainbow variegated yarn for the center disk in this one just to see if I liked the effect. It's different, but I don't think I like it enough to do another like it.

And this is the second one I made. I think I like this one better. Once you know how to do one of these blocks--I will give you the pattern in a future Craft Tuesday post-- You can make all sorts of things, scarves, table runners, lap-ghans, bedspreads, baby blankets, shawls, and of course, afghans.

Of course, I used scrap yarn for practice....just to see if I liked the way it turned out. Well, I did. I'll be making an afghan with these flowers...well, not these exactly. While this is the perfect kind of pattern for a scrappy type of afghan, it would probably look nicer if the flowers were all the same color, at least I think so. If you do like the idea of a project to use up bits of scrap yarn, at least have the border color be the same around each flower just to unify the whole thing... sort of like green unifies all plants in the garden. No, it doesn't have to be green. You can pick whatever colors you wish.

Now, as for the flowers...if you made the center disk black and the petals a bright yellow, you would have a black-eyed Susan afghan. If the center was a sunny yellow and the petals white, you'd have a daisy coverlet. If you made the center orange and the petals blue, you would have a Himalayan Poppy throw. With the center a rusty color and the petals burgundy you would have a gaillardia blanket. Pretty nifty, huh?

Just change the colors around and see what you come up with. The garden would be the inspiration. How fun!


  1. You know what I am going to ask: ever made any sunflowers?

  2. That would be super easy! A brown yarn for the center disk and yellow-orange for the petals perhaps with a dark forest green surrounding them all. Sounds like a nifty project to me!


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