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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crimson King Maples

I saw these two Crimson King Maples right by the parking area just off of the main street in Honesdale, down a bit from the bowling alley where I take Justin for his weekly meeting with his Special Olympic buddies.

The leaves of this tree during the summer months are a burgundy color with a tinge of dark green on the underside, but as the weather cools, it takes on this almost black look which is quite striking when contrasted to other autumn-ish colors of neon brights, the red, yellows, oranges and browns.

What I find more peculiar about this tree is the fact that I only ever see them planted in pairs. It's true! I've yet to see one standing alone. Here in Honesdale, this pair is right in front of someone's home, leaving the house in total shade.

Across the street from the Links program run by Deveroux, there is another pair just in front of the Church.

Across from Lake Wallenpaupack there is another pair of Kings on either side of a residence, which I watched grow from saplings when the kids used to be in the preschool up in Hawley. Alas, by the time I got to go up to Hawley--no, I don't make it that way often-- the leaves on the pair of Kings were nearly all down so I didn't think a photo was such a great idea. I did get one of the Lake sign....sort of.
Why did I photograph phone wires?
How odd that I never saw one Crimson King planted alone! Well, I take that as a sign that I should do it. Now if I could only find some room in Tommy's arboretum...


We have a new contender! Julie, my Wooly Acres pal, reminded me she has Crimson Kings in front of her home. Duh! I had been there and saw them for myself and totally forgot about them...yes, them. They are in pairs, too!


  1. Glory, everyone must have been to the same 2 for 1 sale, don't you think? Maybe those maples are a flowering type and need two to bloom? There is such a thing as flowering maples.... How about a picture of a leaf eh.... :))

  2. Maples do indeed bloom although the flowers are rather insignificant in size and consequence. They merely give the trees a red glow before they leaf out. Julie would have to provide a leaf...I think she may have already on her maple post, actually.

  3. I know of the music group King Crimson ... that was the extent of my knowledge.
    As always, Glory's Garden is an educational experience.


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