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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hills are alive with the colors of the wind

♫…The hills are alive with the colors of the wind  

Huh? Yes, for a moment there I had a morphing of two of my favorite songs, but as they did express exactly how I felt at the time it only seemed appropriate to sing them both!

One day when I brought Justin to his work-training program I saw these hills just beyond the tiny town of Newfoundland and I thought they looked so nice. I knew I had to capture them.

The sky was a perfect blue, too.

When I made it back home I thought the hills surrounding my home looked nice too.

I only wish I could get up on the roof to get a better picture. Perhaps I should strap the camera to a mourning dove or one of the ever-present crows and hope they get a nice shot for me. Not likely I'm thinking!


  1. What a beautiful time of year..and how wonderfully you captured it, with music too. :)

  2. I thought I heard someone singing like Julie Andrews! Love the beautiful trees.


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