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Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a sickness I tell ya!

Tommy made the mistake the other day of taking me to the dollar store. Why was that a mistake? They had seeds for sale, ten packs for a dollar and I simply couldn't resist. It's a sickness I tell ya!

"It's only a dollar," Tommy said.

True, but if he only knew how many seeds I currently have he might not have been so willing to...shall we say...feed my addiction.

Heck of a lot of seeds

This is my collection of seeds, mostly bought on super-duper sale or through mail-order catalog of some cultivar not easily found at stores.
Pilfered seeds! Is that the seed police I hear in the distance?

This is a box of seeds, just as big as the other one,  I've pilfered from obliging, spent, not deadheaded and gone to seed flowers from sundry places--botanical gardens, friends' flower beds, forests, fields and/or garden centers. I don't even know what some of them are, and yet I still have them.

Every so often I'll look over my lovely collection and promise myself not to buy another pack until this box is nearly empty and the other one half gone. Needless to say, I haven't kept that promise. As a matter of fact, I'm considering starting a third box of seeds. Madness I tell ya, total madness!

Someone help me!

Hello, my name is Glory and I'm a seed-oholic...


  1. That is so funny!!! As someone like to say "share the wealth". Ones that can be potted and grown indoors pass out at retirement homes. They may even have outdoor areas they can use some seed for. Have a contest on your blog and the winner gets seeds. That way they get used and you are forced to decide which ones you really want AND can go back to collecting again. Then it becomes a manageable addiction.

  2. Once again you've given me a good idea. Thank you, Danny-boy! Ooh, now I'm going to be singing that all day long...ah, well, from one obsession to another.

  3. That depends, does Tom read your blog? LOL.

  4. You should have been diagnosed with a sickness if you hadn't bought them. That was a great buy! That's a lot of garden gorgeousness for a buck! :)


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