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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last flower standing... and blooming

This is a Monks Hood and it is the last flower, perennial I should say, to bloom in my garden. It stands up tall, too, almost 4 feet high.
Not quite in bloom yet

It also goes by the Harry Potter-ish name Wolfsbane and aconite. It has the reputation of warding off werewolves which is very convenient with Halloween just around the corner.
Okay, now blooming

It's one of only a few blue flowers I have, the others being the Pacific Blue Iris, Baltic Iris and the butterfly blue Pin cushion flower.
Monkshood closeup sans the usual bee buzzing within

Oh, yes, I almost forgot Forget-me-nots...that was rather silly of me, don't you think? Forgetting forget-me-nots! Ah well, that may be because they are a long ago memory by the time Monks Hoods bloom. Another digression, do forgive!
Clump getting big enough to divide

So if you are ever looking for a late blooming perennial look for Wolfsbane, Aconite or Monkshood. With any luck you should find this flower to brighten your autumn garden.


  1. I think I read somewhere that blue is the least represented color in flora, or was that purple?

  2. You are correct, it is blue which is rare indeed. Many non-purists insist purple be added to the blues...nuh-uh...not in my garden!


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