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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A rose by any other name...

So, there I was planting rose bushes in the Julie friendship rose garden...I did tell you I moved all sorts of stuff out of least I think I did.

Well, this rose--pretty as can be-- was blooming and it smelled so sweet! Too sweet apparently.

Why would I say that? Because the next day, my pretty rose was gone...just gone! Not a petal remained and I didn't understand why. Then I saw it. Telltale signs of a deer--hoof prints, in case you thought otherwise. The stupid deer came and eat my blossom!

I wouldn't have thought they would. I mean they leave the Rogoas hedge completely alone, but then there are thorns enough on those to kill a  moose! No deer would stand a chance eating those.

Well, at least the deer didn't munch on the other roses. They had a delicate scent and are very tiny compared to the red rose. They were obviously not to the liking of the deer...thank heaven!

Well, I still have a few roses left, if not the large, gloriously scented one. I'll just have to be content with that. After all, a rose by any other name can still be eaten!


  1. Even the deer appreciate your garden and all your hard work maintaining it in all its glory!

  2. Who knew that deer would eat roses?!?!? Congrats on finishing NaBlo!


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