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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scatter brained or genius at work?

So, what do you think? m I scatter-brained or a genius at work? Ah, well, that would be anyone's guess!  I am scattered brained, to be sure, but flights of fancy end up being genius-at-work...eventually.

Case in point: The rock wall garden.

It wasn't exactly completely done when I made a left turn at Albuquerque....okay, not anywhere near there, and it wasn't really a left turn. More like an about face and then a left turn to the hibiscus hedge. Why? That too would be anyone's guess. The rock wall garden had to wait, is all.
Hibiscus gone to seed

All I can say is on that particular day the hibiscus annoyed me. They kept getting in my way and they were all gone to seed with nary a blossom left. Well, I knew that the longer I left the hibiscus up the more seeds they would release on fertile ground and that would result in tons of baby hibiscus plants to remove come spring. I just didn't want to go there.

So, out came the clippers and pruners and I set to removing them. I cut them down as close to the ground as I can and then pile them up in the cart to take them to the compost pile.

It took two trips to the compost pile. Yes, it's a long line of hibiscus which makes for a couple of big piles of branches.

I'll admit to some times being flighty, unfocused and most definitely scatter-brained in the garden, but more often than you can guess, pretty darn good--yes, even genius--things come from it. Cutting down the hibiscus hedge could have waited, but it just struck me as the thing to do that day.

Perhaps I could blame it all on the garden zeitgeist. I'll have to ask Raymond Alexander Kukkee. He would know. He surely has written about it at Incoming Bytes, after all.

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  1. Glory, don't feel bad about being unfocused when out in the garden--it is designed to grow in the mind as well as in the earth itself. As the garden zeitgeist will quickly inform you, it is 'shear' genius at work, clipping, pruning and relocating stuff is natural and always a temptation isn't it? In practicing the wonderful art of gardening, one must never be tempted to remain limited to doing one job, that is why each gardening soul has two green thumbs and a dual personality...... ":)


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