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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The sky in autumn

I don't know about you, but I find the sky especially beautiful in autumn. I don't know if it is because I subconsciously know the winter sky--all gray, dreary and seemingly interminable--approaches all too soon, but I think it is something else.

I believe it is the contrast of the blue-blue sky and changing leaves on the trees.

There is something about the sky seen through neon colored foliage that just gets to me.

It's so lovely...

 so striking...

 so fleeting...

Just as the clouds in the sky drift by never to be seen again, so does the autumn sky linger but for a blink of an eye and it too goes to rest, perhaps on Holiday somewhere else...Australia, no doubt!


  1. What adds to that is that the colder air holds less pollutants and the angle of the sun? Or maybe your just some of the plants in your many gardens that makes the colors look brighter? LOLOLOL

  2. Or maybe your just some eating some of the plants in your many gardens and that makes the colors look brighter? Is what I meant to say.

  3. Glory, it seems to me that the October sun is somehow brighter and special. Maybe Dan is right, perhaps the colder air reflects light differently-- being more dense--or maybe it's the reflection of light and intensity of colour from all of the red and yellow leaves, after all, white bright light is a reflection of all colours. ---- or maybe it's all in our imagination? Regardless, October is my favourite time of the year--until the drizzling cold starts, and the incredibly bright colours fade in the rain....

  4. So, you think I'm growing "funny stuff" in my garden? Like psychodelic mushrooms? Silly, Dan! If you only knew how totally boring I am! :-)

  5. No doubt, that is the best part of autumn. That is why I did not like Upper Michigan too much. There never was a change of color, the leaves just fell - seemingly over night - and nothing prepared you for the snow and cold to come.

  6. I would just hate that, Alex! It gets too cold too quick as it is here.


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