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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snowballs in autumn

These snowballs aren't the kind you might be thinking of, but they certainly are the only kind I'm willing to even think of. Gees-Louise, real winter snow will be here all too soon!

This is my Annabell Hydrangea whose blossom were startling white not too long ago, but have since turned this lovely lime-green color. I usually pick a few when they are very white to bring indoors and allow to dry. They turn a slightly buff color when dry which is very nice too.

This year, I didn't remember to do this when they were at their whitest, but  I did pick a few at this lime-green stage. I don't know what they will look like once dry. I'll have to wait and see.


  1. My mom LOVED snowballs. Thanks for the happy memory.

  2. Actually, I had an idea what kind of snowballs before I read the post. I do remember these from my childhood as well.

  3. lovely - I adore Hydrangeas - such a nice old-fashioned flower!Jan Morrison

  4. These are beautiful - I've never seen them before - lovely to meet you
    LAura x

  5. I can handle these kinds of snowballs! how neat!


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