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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spent flowers

You see spent flowers, I see next year's blossoms.  It's all in how you look at it. What do I mean? I'll show you.
Black eyes without the Susan?

These poor little Black-eyed Susans had their day, several actually and they were lovely. their cheery little faces brightened many a day. But now, all that is left are the spent flowers, the stems, the still bright green foliage and their protruding "eyes". Those eyes, however, hold promise of another day. That is to say, that is where their seeds hide in plain sight.

~ Are you listening, Jim Bessey, Mister-I-don't-now-where-the-seeds-are? Or are you too busy taking lovely train trips through The Adirondacks with your lovely Lin to see the changing leaves? One never knows with that Tile guy!
Hibiscus seed pods ready to burst

The next time you see spent flowers, just pause a moment and see the potential within. More flowers await in those tiny, little seeds!


  1. should be added to the old saying "stop and smell the flowers".

  2. Ah, the circle of life. I must admit, I do have a hard time during this time of year, when it's the beginning of the ending.

  3. Me too, Alex, that's why I have to think of it differently or else I'll sit in a corner and cry. I ain't got time for that! ;-)

  4. I saw some of these when we were up in the mountains. I didn't know they were 'spent'. I thought they were beautiful and took photo's.

    Shows you what I know about flowers.

  5. Remember FLOWER--POWER! Seeds are the promise of a sweet return come spring...not spent at all, just energy stored to surprise the doubter and please the gardener! ":)

  6. Indeed, Raymond. Promise for another day. I like that.


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