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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuck in the mud

So, there I was bringing dirt to the side yard--yes, I call soil dirt when it looks like this red clay stuff and is likely depleted of anything good. I think I just digressed, didn't I? oh, bother!--

Well the cart was too heavy for my swampy yard and lo and behold--Stuck in the mud!

The wheels were spinning and I was going nowhere. Got mud all over the tractor though. I'm thinking Justin might not be happy about that. But then, he thinks as soon as it is officially autumn that he need not look at the tractor nor any lawn cutting instruments until spring. Maybe he's go the right idea. That kid ain't too dumb!

Yup, getting stuck in the mud is a hazard of my swampy yard. Good thing I have big burly boys (This time it was Brandon) to help get me, the cart and tractor un-stuck.


  1. I wonder who coined the phrase "women drivers"? I know, that's not a politically correct phrase and some would say it's sexist too. Of is it just those who can't take a joke?

  2. Well, I certainly can take a joke--much better than most, I'd say-- but this has nothing to do with the sex of the driver. Justin, Brandon, Tom and Tyler have each gotten stuck in the mud at least once in their lives. Did you take a look at my yard??? It's just a big slushy mess! All this rain is killing me and my attempt at any autumn gardening.

  3. Awww, I know you can take a joke.

    Driving in mud is much like driving in sand. Deflate your tires a little to give a wider traction, unless you have hard rubber tires. I've had to do that with my mower at times and that is driving in this muddy clay soil.

  4. Since you and Tommy live in the Poconos, you should have a 4x4 quad (ATV) for doing such fine jobs. Mine never gets stuck and I haul dirt, gravel, wood, and HEAPS of garden stuff. Getting stuck with a lawn-mower deck underneath the garden tractor can be a real trial for even the best genius-gardeners. ":))

  5. Would they be better? Wouldn't they likely make big ruts all over the place? Would they really be strong enough to haul my cart full of whatever? I have my doubts but I may have to look into it. Anything is better than being stuck in the mud all the time! Thanks, Raymond!

  6. I am actually working on a farming post that explains that. Why and how? Well, that will be a future blog of course.

    Like you said, synchronicity is amazing.


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