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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is why you should read carefully

Welcome to Crafting Tuesday, a regular feature at Glory's Garden. If you come to Glory's Garden expecting garden stuff, you'll know Tuesdays are the days to stay away. They will only disappoint you, after all. Crafting is a big part of my life, though, and this blog just wouldn't be the same without some mention of it. Alas, as much as I would like to be in the garden all the time, all year long, my short growing season and perpetual cloud bursts--yes, it tends to rain too much around here at times-- I must do something inside and that is where sewing, crocheting and knitting, both loom and regular type, come to save my sanity.

See this? I made it while on vacation to The outer banks (aka OBX to you frequenters to the hopping resort areas or natives to the resident regions) with Tommy and it serves as a good example of why you should read crochet instructions very carefully....any and all instructions actually. The pattern was a new one for me, but after  the first row of the fancy alternating back-post-front-post pattern stitch, I thought I knew precisely how to proceed.

Boy, was I wrong! I kept waiting for the creation to take on the right shape, but it never did. That's when I re-read the instructions and had myself one of those slap-yourself-on-the-forehead-duh moments.

It looks nice and was fun and easy to do, even if I did do it wrong. Can you guess what it was supposed to be?

Well, I'm sure you'd be wrong, but give it your best shot. Will I try to do it again and do it correctly? I think I may, but I have other projects going at the moment. It may have to wait.


  1. A round doily? Socks? A hat for one of Julie's chickens?

  2. My chickens heads are NOT that big, Dan! It actually looks just like some wool caps my mom crocheted for us. How about a placemat?

  3. No, I don't consider flat things to have a shape. It was supposed to be more round. You'll never guess, that's how off it is!

  4. A cover for the extra toilet roll in the bathroom?

  5. Now, that is a good guess, Conny...not quite right but much closer. I always thought those tissue covers so silly.

  6. It does and if I had continued in that pattern it might have worked as a beret...too bad that wasn't what it was supposed to be!


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