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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tommy's new toy

As you may have seen on Facebook--why you don't follow me there is anyone's guess! That is where you get up-to-the-moment updates, you know-- Tommy has a new toy, a John Deere tractor.

He has been eagerly awaiting this thing for months now!

As you can see it has a bucket plus a fork lift attachment.

In the time Tom receive instructions on its use from the guy who sold it to him--gosh, I don't recall his name...sorry, Mr. John Deere salesman guy!-- three delivery trucks came, so Tom got practice using the forklift straight away!

I wondered that he thought he needed the forklift. He does have a very small yet maneuverable one up at the pole-barn. He said in winter the little one cannot make it down the road to the bottom driveway and then back up again with a heavy load. The poor little guy will only be for indoor use now and this big one will take care of the rough stuff.

Well, it was bright and shiny, brand-spankin' new, but it wasn't going to stay that way for long.

All too soon Tom got it dirty. He picked up a pile of weeds...very tall over five foot weeds, mind you...

And filled up a hole...the hole I dug up because I needed soil in what will soon be the new peony garden.
It's rather distressing to see this big hulking thing dig out more soil in five seconds than I could in four hours of back-breaking work.

Of course, I don't leave tracks that huge!

Oh, but it is a messy thing to have Tommy's new toy. Yes, he can knock down weeds with one fell swoop, but oh, the ruts it'll make in the lawn! I don't want to think!


  1. I only have two things to say!!!
    1. I'm jealous.
    2. Tommy can you drive it down here and let me borrow it for a while. I promise to give it back.
    3. Glory I want to see you drive it..If Tom will let you.

    OK, that was 3 things.

  2. He did say he wanted to take a picture of me sitting in it, but he was too busy learning how to handle it. He might loan it to you if you didn't live so far away. :-)

  3. Glory, wonderful, a gardener's dram! I am so happy for you! That's the best thing that I've seen in a long time, oh, you don't like it after a day or two, drive it here right away, I guess I could use it if you insist, I don't mind!
    (Don't forget to bring the fork lift, bucket and backhoe attachments!
    Tommy must have seen you stuck in the mud with your lawn tractor and buggy. I DO hope that new DEERE is a 4x4, it looks like it.
    Lucky Tommy! NOW you'll see him doing a lot of stuff, if you let him use it... ":) the backhoe/loader is one of the handiest things you can EVER have around a big place.
    Learn to drive it immediately, it's simple, and you'll need it so much that Tommy will have to get his OWN.......hahahahaha... ":)

  4. Oh, I'm afraid of that thing! Tom can have it all to himself. I'll ask him to turn the compost over or dig up a load of dirt for me, but that's about it. He did say he wanted to transplant the Jane Magnolia from its current hiding place to give it more room to breathe and be seen properly, but we'll see about that.

  5. LOL! Tommy has the ultimate Tonka Toy! Yet it will save time, for sure. The idea of a lovely peony garden sounds worth ruts in your grass. :-)

  6. It's quite beautiful, all nice and shiny. Now, will you get a toy too?

  7. The funny thing is Tom never played with Tonka trucks as a kid. Never too late, I guess! A toy for me? Well, I'll have to give that serious thought! Although, in truth, I'd rather have a tractor trailer's worth of hardwood mulch for the garden. Now That I could use!


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