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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tough on garden tools...Me???

Why yes, I am a bit tough on garden tools. Thanks for noticing.

But do tell, what was your first clue? You needn't worry. Tom will likely repair this one for me in due course. He has before and will, no doubt, do so several more times before I'm done with this shovel.

I told him to use a steel something or other last time it broke, but he thought it would be too heavy for me. Maybe too heavy, but I couldn't possibly break it, could I?

Yes, well, every time I dig a hole and hit a hidden rock...


  1. Is it because you hit a rock or tried to dig the rock out of the ground with a shovel? LOL

  2. It was a big old rock which obviously wanted to stay where it was. Well, I can be stubborn too and whoops! The shovel was not as strong as the rock. But the next shovel I got to do the job was, so there!

  3. That is why a PRY BAR is called a pry bar and a shovel is a shovel. As long as you use the wrong tool for the job you will get the same results. I know, typical male response. Which wins in rock-scissors-paper??? LOLOL

  4. But the pry bar was all the way in the garage and I was in the back-40...lazy is as lazy does! ;-)

  5. You did not use this one on mini stonehenge, err, your lily garden, did you? ;-)

  6. No, Alex, it broke as I was digging for dirt in the back field and hit tons of anyone in the Poconos can tell you is sure to happen.


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