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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trees of autumn

This is my sugar maple which stands by the pond and in front of that is the cork-screw willow whose leaves turn slightly yellow as the autumn goes on until they fall off. These are my trees of autumn.

You may be wondering why I call them that. Well, the sugar maple is the first one every year to start turning color. Way at the top a few of the top branches turn a brilliant red, most visible in August because you don't expect it then, but that is inevitably when it happens.

This year the leaves are not very brightly colored and I blame it on the too-wet weather. I recall an autumn about seven years back when Brandon was still in high school and was on the school soccer team. We went up to Honesdale, which is a rather long ride through beautiful country, for an away game and I recall the leaves being particularly lovely, the most colorful I had ever seen. The people on the weather channel explained that this was due to dry conditions.

Ever since then I've been wishing for dry autumns and have yet to have another one! Oh, the foliage changing is still nice but it has never replicated that one very dry year of brilliant, neon bright leaves all over the Poconos.

Ah, well, that's what techni-color memories are for!


  1. That could explain why I never remember autumn colors from upper Michigan. We had two seasons: White and brown. Or, winter and construction.

  2. Oh, yes, that would be the dreaded USDA zone 4...and I thought I had it bad. It goes to show, it's always worse somewhere else.


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