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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Woe-be-gone sunflowers

I saw these woe-be-gone sunflowers when I took Justin bowling with his Special Olympic friends.

They look so sad, don't they? Like a jilted lover. So, I suppose you're wondering why I would bother to take a photo of something so forlorn. Well, I thought first of my Helium Buddy Alexandra Heep and her kitty Gracie who just so happens to have her own sunflower patch.

As I didn't grow any sunflowers which were this nice in my own yard this year and Alex couldn't in her apartment, I've been on a quest to seek out any and all sunflowers I could find near and far and capture them--or at least attempt to-- on film.(?)

Do we still have film? I know I don't, but gees, what do you call it? On camera card just doesn't have the right ring to it...ah, well. I digress.

So while the growing season is soon to come to an end, I thought it good to show that even the plants lament this time of year. Good to know it's not just me.


  1. Oh lament - when even sunflowers are sad, you know it is bad.

  2. I have spread the Heepies ... now we know what Heepies is: the urge to find sunflowers.

  3. We'll have to tell Mac and Ed, your two newest and most ardent fans. LOL


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