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Friday, November 25, 2011

The difference a couple of zones can make

It's continually amazing to me the difference a couple of zones can make. I speak of USDA zones which gardeners use to determine which plants will survive in their particular bit of earth. I've spoken, I believe, of this before, but who's to say I can't do it again? Certainly not I!

I say this now because it is most noticeable when we travel and being we just came back from a trip down south, it was forcefully brought back to my attention. We do most of our traveling to warmer climes and back again, after our holiday's done, to our colder region. That is when you really notice the difference!

When we left on a chilly Friday afternoon from our chilly Pocono Mountain home, the temperature was about 45F  and the snow was threatening. What was odd though is, as we traveled south, the temperature dipped dramatically and it started to snow. Luckily, we kept going to where the snow wouldn't be.

 The next morning--I think we were close to one of the Carolinas-- it wasn't much warmer, not for me anyway, but Tom donned shorts because, "We'll be warm soon enough," he insisted. Well, he was right. Passing each zone you could see the difference in the trees along the highway, but also feel it in the temperature and intensity of the sun...oh, that beautiful sun!

While in Florida we heard it was unusually cool, "only" in the 70's. Well, don't you know, after temperatures in the 40's, 70 wasn't too bad!

We stopped at a garden--really, were you shocked to hear it?-- and boy-oh-boy was this huge elephant ear Caladium a nice change to the frosted maple leaves and the snow covered Bird's nest Spruce I left behind back in zone 5b. Zone 9 was so much more pleasant, even if it was for just a week long holiday away from home.

Warm weather chasers, that's us.

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