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Monday, November 28, 2011

Following the flowers

Know what I like about going on holiday away from home? I mean besides getting Tommy to stop working for a bit. It's the ability to follow the flowers wherever they may be. Like these pretty little things.

We were wandering around Florida--we often do this, wandering about just to see what we can find--and there it was, a little island in the middle of some bay close to Tarpin Springs with a pretty little beach area and these sunny wildflowers growing on the sand dunes.

What are they? Heck if I know. They might be a wild sunflower. They certainly look like it, so that is my guess. I do believe Gracie, who frequents her own sunflower patch on warm sunny days and Alexandra Heep, who knows a Heep of Everything will want to think such. They have an affinity for Sunflowers, you know.

It was a very breezy and sunny day on this lazy, secluded beach. I wished to gather up that seaweed, so lovely washed up on shore. Okay, not that lovely, but it would make a great additive into the compost pile! I can't go to a beach without lamenting this seaweed and such going to waste! But I digress... Sorry.

Nice to know a sunflower patch can find it's way here, to grow, low and unassuming, on nothing more than powdery sand. The wonder that is a wild, I'll-grow-where-I-like sunflower!

See? Following flowers gets you places.


  1. those are beautiful flowers! I love that they are wild, and are right next to the water. lovely place.

  2. hi Glory, they almost look like Black-Eyed Susan types, but they're not. I was also thinking Jerusalem Artichokes, the flowers of JA's look a lot like those, but the foliage doesn't look quite right. Could it be a hybrid species if JA's? If there were tubers under them, that would be a good indicator.
    I don't know what they are, but the colour is nice! Let us know when you find out! ":)

  3. Oh, don't tempt me, Raymond! I would love to go around digging up plants to see what they are about, But I know I must not. They are not mine to do as I like, after all. I'm content to just admire them and be thankful to see them.


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