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Monday, November 7, 2011

Going on holiday

We went off on holiday, once again, only this time I told no one.  I wanted to see if I could get away without anyone being the wiser, plus I was hoping for inspiration for my Author’s Challenge entry. What I learned is I’m madly missed on Facebook. Good to know, but that knowledge didn’t inspire me either.

 While traveling, I heard a song which gave me a thought, just a thought, nothing else. These meandering musings are my entry. 

 I never said they words of the song were profound—perhaps the reason I wasn’t very inspired?--but they do hold some truth and therefore should be heeded. Why? For the same reason Tom takes me on holiday. Okay, that’s not quite right. He takes me on holiday to get me away from the cold, but he goes to get away from work, to have fun, relax and rejuvenate. You may be wondering why I don’t say going on vacation.  I don’t like the word vacation ever since Forrest Gump’s mother defined it as, “….when you go away and never come back.” YIKES! Can you blame me? I like vacations, but not that much!

We went to one of the only places on the east coast which didn’t get snowed in, Orlando. We made it out of Pennsylvania just in time. We drove through snow in the mountains of Virginia the night we left. Even though the weather was unseasonably cold in Florida, seventy degrees and rainy is still better than six inches of snow.

Like I said, we go away to get Tom to stop working...sort of. He had several business calls, emails and even had to arrange a shipment with Brandon’s help. Tom also had to pick up and drop off some equipment on the way back home. It’s never getting completely away from work. Such is life.

In truth, going on holiday is more to the point for us since we mostly vacation during holidays. There is barely a time we get to stay home for holidays, any holidays, all holidays! This time it was Halloween. Never had done that before, but I’m glad we did. We stayed at our Blue Tree timeshare. It’s a lovely place, comfortable but not oppressively opulent. They had gone all out for Halloween. They put together a party with cheese and wine, treats, cakes and cookies plus decorated pumpkins and a scary graveyard which Tom enjoyed thoroughly. Why? Because it scared me silly! Yes, now you know I’m easily startled, even when I expect it. At least I made Tom laugh.

Now that the kids are older, they rarely want to come with us, but on occasion we can convince Justin to come along. We mentioned we’d go to Disney World which may have contributed to his decision to come. He had four heated pools to enjoy, too. He’s such a guppy! He stayed at the pool all day. The one day it poured, Tom decided to chase the blue sky over to Tarpon Springs, the best place for truly authentic gyros and baklava. YUM!

We had a nice time walking along the water, visiting the sponge diving museum and looking around numerous shops full of handmade soaps and lotions, natural sponges, shells and the like. Tarpon Springs is much less touristy than Orlando, which we love. When going on holiday we much prefer a hermitage in the mountains where we can hike through the woods. We’ve learned that fancy all-inclusive resort type vacations are just not our thing. They’re entirely too boring for Tom.
The harbinger of Tom requiring another vacation is stress from too much work. Being business is booming, we’ll be off on holiday soon enough. Thanksgiving is coming up after all.


  1. Aaaah... this is going to be your entry, huh? Cool stuff. :)

  2. Yes, I know, kinda lame, but I was totally uninspired.

  3. Not lame at all! It's nice to read a Glory "musing" that isn't creative writing.

  4. It's not lame. Writing about your good times can be good for your soul too.

    At one time in my life, I shied away from sharing happy things because people envied them, and before I knew it, all kinds of negative stuff happened to me.

    So, I figured the bad things were my punishment for having fun and "bragging" about it. Now I know it was them, not me :-)

    No, not lame at all.

  5. A holiday is anything you want it to be,especially if you needed to escape from the everyday ordinary.LOL

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