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Friday, November 11, 2011

Second spring, you say?

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower-- Henry David Thoreau

My friend Janet Collinge showed me this quote and I thought I would talk about it.

Indeed there is some truth to that. Some may consider autumn to be second spring, alive with undeniable colors.

The green does subside to be replaced with what most would consider more vibrant colors.

Every leaf may become a flower for a fleeting moment in time. Even those whose leaves are bright red all through the year seem to get more alive and brilliant in Autumn.

But a second spring? I think not! A second spring would not lead us back into winter, after all.

To me spring is green, mostly green, all green, and any additional colors...well, they are just to add interest for those who don't appreciate green for the wonder that it is. Spring is green...let us not forget that.


  1. How about "fall is just summer leaving in a blaze of glory"?

    Yeah, I made that up to maybe help you feel a little better.

  2. That sounds good, Dan. Thanks! :-)

  3. In the desert, we actually do experience a second spring in the fall, and it's not because our leaves change color. After the heat of the summer, it's like certain bushes are so relieved that the worst of desert heat is over, they bloom again. Texas ranger bushes are a good example. Other plants seem to perk up and become lush again showing off their greenery.

  4. Now, that's interesting. I never thought of it from a milder--in terms of winter-- climate. I know in the tropics summer is just not a good time for growing most things, just too too hot and dry. Everything withers and slows down until the cool down starts. So, yes, I can really see a second spring in such places. How nifty!


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