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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Transplanting Saplings

So, there I was planning on and actually heading toward the back-40, when I spotted three saplings growing in the daylily hill by the pole barn. What they were doing there is anyone's guess...well, it would be an easy guess. They were growing and quite nicely too! But as they were growing where I did not want them, I had to transplant them.
Finding room for three saplings

They were a Yoshino cherry, a maple---please don't ask me which kind, Julie! ;-)-- and what I believe is a choke cherry. These saplings were nearly my height already so they obviously are more than one season old...I think. I don't recall seeing them before but that doesn't mean I didn't and just left them assuming they could be weeded out in due course....pity I never got to weed that particular spot though.

Tommy's arboretum is expanding...Shhhh!

I planted the Yoshino first, as it is a nice tree to have even though I have too many as is. Too many trees? Did I actually say that??? Hush my mouth!
This is what I believe to be a choke cherry. It's a bit of a nuisance tree, but as it was so obliging to grow taller than me I couldn't NOT plant it somewhere. And doesn't it look nice against that blue sky?

I do so like the reddish-brown bark of the cherry and those bright green leaves.

The choke cherry is leaning, and no, I didn't do it on purpose although I will chalk it up to my unconscious genius working again. I wonder if Raymond would call it the zeitgeist again? The winter wind blows from that direction so it'll be straight as an arrow--a vertical one anyway-- in no time at all!

The pretty little maple was just too big to make it into a bonsai, although I do want Raymond, from Incoming Bytes, to show me how to do that, when he has the chance.

There were two other maples I tried to dig out--one was too entangled with a lilac and needs to be clipped out instead of dug out. I did try for nearly a half hour but I simply couldn't get it out. Pity, it was so nice!-- and the other was near the arborvitae at the corner of the house. I didn't have time that day to get that one out and transplanted though. Next time, I'm sure, I can do more transplanting of misplaced saplings. What joy!

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  1. The new 'siting' or positioning of saplings is important, clearly the "unconscious genius" is at it again, I can see that! If that isn't the zeitgeist at work, what is?
    Bonsai,... hm.... yes, quite possible....":)


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