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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crocheted Christmas Stocking: Guest post by MJ Joachim

Crocheted Christmas Stocking Guidelines
You can use any of your favorite crochet stitches to make delightful Christmas stockings for anyone on your list. Personally, I prefer using doily thread to make my stockings. However, you can use whatever thread works best for the desired effect of your intended stocking.

Choose a simple pattern, combine different stitches for added effect; join motifs in interesting ways and have fun with these general guidelines on how to make crocheted Christmas stockings.
General guidelines for making a crocheted Christmas stocking are as follows:
You will need:
Crochet thread, yarn, embroidery floss
Lining fabric
Fusible web
Fabric for back of stocking
Sewing pins

Front of Stocking
1. Crochet a horizontal rectangle. This will be the foot part of your pattern.
2. Continue crocheting the leg part of your pattern, but only go approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the distance across the foot part, to create a vertical section.*
*At this point, if you have an open weave pattern, you may want to weave an embellishment like ribbon or contrasting colored thread through it, before lining the front of the stocking. It might also be a good idea to embroider the name before lining your stocking, but this really depends on your overall design and pattern.
3. Using fusible web, iron or steam fabric lining to crocheted stocking front, according to instructions provided.
4. Pin back stocking fabric to front of stocking, and satin stitch around edges with yarn or embroidery floss, making sure to create a sturdy seam around the entire edge of the stocking.
5. Embellish with ribbon, charms, beads, crochet borders etc., and don't forget to add the little hanging loop at the top.
That's all there is to it, but don't let the ease of these guidelines fool you. Imagining and designing the "perfect Christmas stocking" for the "perfect someone" takes time and special consideration. Finding the perfect lettering to embroider the name, or the unique beads to make your stocking glisten, is not always as easy as running to the nearest craft store. These stockings are designed to last for years, and be handed down as family heirlooms. These are not only annual Christmas stockings, but true holiday decorations, meant to make the season come alive with anticipation, just one of the reasons you need to enjoy the process of making these stockings, as much as you enjoy giving them to others. Merry Christmas!
Thanks so much, MJ! I'm certain making and sharing these lovely stockings will get people into the Christmas spirit. MJ Joachim has a new website Effectively Human devoted to the human spirit. Run along and visit, you don't you!

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