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Monday, December 5, 2011

Fort de la Carolina

Because you can only stay in a car, no matter how comfortable and entertained you may be with movies on CD, great music and lively chatting, you just gotta stop the car and get out every once in a while.

So, Tom usually will pick a place along the way to stretch our legs and he often finds an interesting place to visit. This time we found a fort. Fort de la Carolina was not as I suppose you would expect, in South or even North Carolina..DUH! Well, it was in Jacksonville, Florida. Weird, huh? You can never tell!

I didn't particularly like to read about the death and evil deeds done to defend and eventually conquer the fort--Spain wanted it and France wanted it and well, you know how it goes. But I did love being out in the warm sun, even if silly Tommy forgot his sunglasses in the car and had to squint all the time.

But forget about the fort. Look at that blue sky! Not a cloud in sight. We didn't stay long as we had a long way to go still but it was a nice respite from the drone of the highway, which so often puts me right to sleep...just like a baby!


  1. Glory, nice compact travelogue! The sky WAS blue wasn't it. Amazing.

  2. It's killing me, Raymond! Ever since getting back, the sky has been consistently a pearly gray...gees!


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