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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glory as bumble-bee

So, here I come home from holiday and one of the very first things I do is check my houseplants to see if Tyler did indeed water them as I had explicitly asked of him and what do I find? ~Well, besides an extremely messy house of which Tyler says, "It's not messy at all. What are you talking about?" But that, my friends, is another post entirely.~

I found this! Baby tomatoes growing on my window sill, the very one I confiscated from the sunbathing cats. Now, I'm betting you're sitting there saying, "So, what? Like she hasn't grown tomatoes before? She's already told us she has, indoors, too. So, what's the big deal?"

That's not me on the coneflower, just in case you were wondering
Well, I'll tell you! This tomato plant, more expressly its flowers, had not been pollinated when I brought it inside. It didn't even have flowers yet! The flowers showed up after I brought the plant inside for the winter and I lamented that I wouldn't get any fruit because I wasn't a bumble bee and I didn't have any buzzing inside the house. Yes, only I would whine about NOT having a buzzing bee inside the house. Yep, I'm nuts all right! I have told you that before. You should believe me.

So, how in the world did I manage to get fruit to set? Yes, I heard you asking and so I will answer. I did as any bumble bee might; I did the pollinating all by myself. While I don't have stinger and whatever else a bee uses to gather pollen, I did use high quality and very expensive equipment for this delicate and extremely dangerous procedure. It also helped to sing the Tigger pretending-to-be-a-bee-to help-Pooh-get-honey song.

I used a cotton swab. High tech stuff, isn't it? Pity you can't tell sarcasm in print form. But there it is, an ordinary cotton swab-- I didn't even use the expensive Q-tip brand! Can you believe it?-- I dabbed at this flower and...

buzzed along to that flower, dabbed some more and.....

lo and behold! I come back home to fruit. Tom is always saying I'm half bumble bee anyway, because I get pollen on my nose all the time from smelling flowers. Who knew I really could be a bumble bee? Ain't nature lovely, especially when you really get to be part of it? Now, if I could only make honey....

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  1. Glory, great read. This is definitely the way to get a tomato if there are no insects buzzing around. If there are even little houseflies around, they can usually transfer enough pollen to do the trick, they don't have to be bees or Qtips. Even fruit flies will do it, but it never hurts to Qtip'em anyway.
    Singing along definitely helps though.. :)


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