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Friday, December 30, 2011

In winter desperation

Tom and I wake up on Christmas morning huddled together for warmth and he says exactly what I'm thinking--this isn't unusual, he does it all the time-- he says: "We should have gone away."

I know the feeling and that feeling is bitter cold, my winter desperation. We didn't want to get out of bed. It was too cold out of it! Yes, I have a warm house--warmish, anyway-- but it simply doesn't feel warm without the sun and gosh-darn-it the sun's been barely making an appearance lately. Whenever it does show up, I stand at the window basking in the faint rays. Hmm, I may be turning into a cat!

I do believe the sun has gone on holiday, which, of course, it has. It's down in Australia now and other places in the southern hemisphere. A few of my Aussie Facebook friends were saying they usual celebrate Christmas at the beach. Well, bully for them!
I wish to be at the sea, free with glee

I put on layer upon layer of clothing until I look like a pregnant grizzly bear. I wrap hand crocheted throws around me and a shawl, too.  I drink hot tea all day long and when all else fails I even exercise to get the blood pumping and still I feel a chill through to the bone, a chill which just won't leave.

Here I am longingly staring out the window and Tom jokingly asks, "Has spring come back yet?" and I want to punch him.

Winter has only just started. Boy, am I in trouble!

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