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Monday, December 19, 2011

The real dragons

Raymond Alexander Kukkee of Incoming Bytes  has written guest posts for Glory's Garden in the past--recall if you will his guide to making bonsai and he has, once or thrice, mentioned my musings about maples and sundry other gardening topics on his blog.  Alas, I am sad to inform you, he, the poor dear, has now gone off the deep end.

Okay, not quite, but he has taken an expected turn. That is to say, he has turned me and Tommy into fictional characters in one of his fanciful creations! I won't tell you how he does this. You'll have to read it for yourself.

So, what prompted his imagination to create this story, strangely enough, it was my post on the inhabitants of the everglades, namely the alligator. You see, Raymond seems to think it bares a striking resemblance to a dragon. Well...kind of, I guess, but I believe we have real dragons around, creatures which I am quite certain are descendants of real true dragons. Here are a few of them.

Look at that beast! Is not that more closely related to a dragon or perhaps a dinosaur, which as anyone knows is the original dragon? I should say so! The spiked ridge along its back, the long, deadly tale, ready for knocking you off your feet, nasty jaws to rip the flesh right off your bones and let us not forget those beady eyes which can stop you with their frightful gaze. Horrors! All that's missing is the fire breath and I ain't getting too close to find out if he has it, either!

Ooh, they're looking at me! Yikes!

Okay, so, they're only half a Glory long, but still....I don't want to meet up with one of them down in a mountain cave or along a beach, or while trekking through the forest or hiking in the desert. Heck no! They are as close to a real dragon as I wish to get and thankfully that was behind a chain-link fence at Ocean World in the Dominican. Yep, that's far enough for me.


  1. Princess Glory, regardless of how long those dragons are,--only half a Glory or not, I'm not sure they qualify as real dragons, since they are hiding behind chain link fences. Real dragons don't do that, so to find out if they're real dragons or not, you shall have to tap those dragons on the nose with your jeweled sword of the purest silver to find out if they breathe fire or not. If they do, you win! ":))

  2. If by win you mean I get singed eyebrows and my morning gown afire, then yes, I "win". ;-)


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