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Friday, December 2, 2011

Swirling sherbert surprise

So, there we were somewhere along the way on our trip down south--Did you really think I know where I am at any given moment? I want to say Georgia, but I could be wrong...very likely I am!-- when the sky suddenly becomes a Swirling sherbert surprise.

The colors were so extraordinarily beautiful that I had to whip out my camera and hope to capture some of that loveliness for all to see.

 I believe I succeeded.

I can't help but thinking this sunset was a gift. It certainly made me feel happy to have been alive to see it.


  1. Beautiful. BTW... only two days ago I did a post on sunsets. Don't mind me.... but I love sunsets too. I find them very 'inspiring'.

  2. That is what I call a "painter's sky", Strangely,if you painted it on canvas like that, it would not be believed. Interesting isn't it. And incredibly beautiful!


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