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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some inhabitants of the Everglades

So, there we were with a few hours to kill before we had to be at the airport and what should Tom decide to do? Why visit everglade and you should see some of the inhabitants we met!

This bird just strutted across the road easy and steady as you please. He didn't even glance our way! Sorry, I don't know what kind of crane it is, but it was least 3/4 of a Glory high!

Tom, the nut! He went right up to this sun-bathing beast to get the shot...well, the zoom on the camera did actually. There was a very prominent sign stating quite clearly that everyone who wishes to remain alive, whole and well should stay at least 20 feet away at all times...a bit tough to do when the walkway on which the alligator lay was only 15 feet wide. I was not at all keen on going past him, I'll tell ya!

This falcon was perched on the building containing the restrooms. Impressive creature, don't you think?

This Turtle shied away from the camera. I know the feeling. Who besides celebrities wants some nosy guy sticking a camera in their face?

I love these funny birds--call them Cormorants or just call them silly. They are forever spreading their wings to dry them in the sun after preening. Goofy guys!

This swamp crane methodically stalked about then quick-as-you-please struck out and caught himself a fishy for lunch! YUM.

This was such a pretty bird, but, alas, I didn't know its name. Shall we call her Bella Bird?


  1. One of the best parts of traveling to new areas is viewing the wildlife. Great shots! :-)

  2. Great pics, Glory! They are beautiful creatures, are they not? They have character too. Remind me to tell you about the Blue Herons !

  3. Oh, I love the great blue heron! One visits out pond about once a year in summer. I'm sure he likes the plentiful frog lunch I supply free of charge! ;-) never was about to capture a photo of him though, pity!


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