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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A trip to New Hampshire

I promised to tell you about our trip to New Hampshire. I like to keep my promises.

Before we made it there we had to stop in several places along the way. Tom had pickups and deliveries to make in Massachusetts and Connecticut. I would have liked to stop for a visit with my friend Doreen Martel, but Tom had a precise schedule to maintain because, "These union guys, if you get there when they're on a break, you wait an hour and then you're screwed!" Well, that just isn't Tommy's idea of fun, so he had to hit Fishkill, NY at exactly 7AM and Waterbury, CT at precisely 8:30AM and hell would break loose if we didn't get to Lexington, MA at 10AM. Such is life when you travel with Tommy!

Can you see her back there?
 We did have a few minutes to spare, however, and we stopped by the Minutemen National Park, which I had never been to, although Tom had several times. Unfortunately, they were closed for the winter. Bummer! But it was a nice little walk to loosen our legs after being in the car for so long and Tommy gave me a bit of a history lesson, which he so loves to do.
Zooming in didn't quite capture the beast
When we reached New Hampshire, first I noticed it being very much like the Poconos only more of it. More lakes, more rivers, more woods and more mountains. Breathtaking, indeed! But we also saw an unusual sight. There be moose in New Hampshire!
The moose liked nibbling on tender maple branches
Our final destination was at the new building Tom's friend Scott built for his business. Scott was to fix a leak detector for Tom and Tom was to fix one for Scott. They were each unfamiliar with the leak detector they had--go figure! Well, as we were coming up the drive we spotted a moose. Being Scott built this new facility in the middle of a 60 acre plot of land far away from everything except Lake Winnepesaukee, they really ought not be too surprised that they have to share it with the natives, meaning the deer, black bear, and yes, a Moose or two.

I had only seen a moose once and that was at Yellowstone Park several years ago and from much further away. This was way cool! We believe this moose may have been a girl--no antlers--and possibly a yearling. Whatever she was, she was not at all put off by us being there. She had her snack and moved on at her leisure. T'is a good life for a moose!

The view, however, was what truly captured my attention. Lovely beyond belief! I couldn't get enough of it. Tom had to drag me away and he did because we had a long drive ahead of us, 6 hours--oh boy. We had to be in New Jersey at precisely 6PM for the Christmas gathering at Kip's Castle. Here we go again!


  1. Hope you made it to Kip's castle in time....the moose may have been fascinated by YOU too. LOL

  2. We were almost the first ones at Kip's castle. Tom doesn't to fashionably late. ;-)

  3. Aww, this post made me homesick...I grew up in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. Yep, there definitely are moose time I saw one running through a parking lot near our home!

  4. Oh, Judith, you'll have to go back sometime and a visit. OOh, take me along!


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