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Friday, December 16, 2011

Will the pilfering ever cease?

Yes, I have been pilfering again, and to answer the question, not likely will I ever cease. It's a sickness I tell ya, and frankly, I've yet to find a seed pilferers anonymous. In my defense, I had forgotten about this little...shall we call it borrowing of plant material? I remembered only after I unpacked from our trip to the Dominican. No, I didn't get these from there. I would have been hanged by the agriculture czar if I had! No, these came from the USA, harvested, snagged, pilfered and/or stolen somewhere along our route from Pennsylvania to Florida...I just don't quite recall where.

My only clue is to the plant material themselves and where they were likely to have been growing. Well, it couldn't have been anywhere too cold. How do I know? Well, look at the stuff. You do know what it is, don't you? No? Okay, then, I'll tell you.

See these smaller nuts? They are live oak nuts, the seeds from which I wish to grow a live oak for a bonsai. I expect to follow Raymond Alexander Kukkee's instruction for this...but first I gotta grow the tree. I have not had much luck with that at all, and it's not from lack of trying! They simply don't want to grow for me and I don't quite know why. Doesn't stop me from trying. Like Dory I keep on planting, planting, keep planting-planting-planting...and hoping, too.

These bigger nuts? I must confess I don't remember at all what they are, but I do know I collected them at the Fort de la Carolina near Jacksonville, Florida. I remember now. We went for a "short" walk which ended up being a bit more than we bargained for. Justin, who is not a great walker, was not happy. Well, on this walk I saw all these nuts all over and after going a considerable distance trying to ignore them underfoot, I decided to pick up a few and stuff them into a pocket. I think they may be either shagbark, shadbark or swamp hickory. I simply couldn't tell.

Now must know what this is! It's cotton. We passed acres and acres of plowed down cotton, some of which still had fluffy bits here and there and a few with some cotton still clinging to it. I had to have some. Why? Just curious I guess. I probably passed these plants a zillion times in all stages of development without knowing what they are. I only can tell it's cotton when they pop in fluffy white clouds. Well, these fluffy white clouds have seeds in them and take a wild guess what I plan on doing with them.

Fuzzy little seeds are going in a tiny pot of soil and we'll see what happens. I may need grow lights.

Don't know about you, but I think it is one of nature's extraordinary gifts...plants which we can turn into threads and yarn which we can then turn into clothing, blankets and a zillion other things. Have I mentioned lately I love nature? And that is why I will never cease to pilfer from nature.

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  1. Glory, I really liked this post, there's nothing quite like growing stuff from seeds if you know what the seeds are.
    Some seeds will sprout right away like your cotton seeds, but some have to be layered in soil for even a year or two before they will sprout, Some can be accelerated by freezing for a couple of months, it all depends what they are! The nuts have to split to grow, some of them can be accelerated by cracking them carefully. When they start growing, you'll be well on your way to growing your own bonsai ! P.s. Hickory will make fine bonsai, oak also! ":)


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