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Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter wonderland

I awoke yesterday to a winter wonderland. I have to say, it looked exceedingly beautiful and I thought I'd share it. Although, I'm sure many of you have quite enough of the white stuff--I know I do--but there is always something special when it's the first time in the season that you get to see every tree, shrub and mailbox covered in snow.

Note to self: Fill bird feeders

Addendum #1: This wasn't the first snowfall of the winter season, but it is the first one I actually saw. If you will recall, I was on my way down south when the first one hit so I missed it entirely. It all melted by the time I was back home.
YAY! Blue sky
Addendum #2: I know winter doesn't officially start until December 23rd, but to me it starts as soon as the turkey is done roasting and the hunters take to the woods in search of Bambi. That would be the Monday after Thanksgiving day, for those of you who don't know that day as the start of the Pocono deer hunting season.
Finally know how to curb the rampant growth of the wisteria: Freezing temps!

The snow was so heavy many branches drooped and one snapped off the old apple tree. It was a dead branch which had to come down anyway, so no worries.
Did I mention it was heavy snow?

Don't why it is but the snow kind of muffles sound...or is it that all gets quite by the marvel that this sight inspires?
Poor little snow covered Rhodos!

The snow was already melting in the bright sun.
Not a branch uncovered

Amazing, isn't it? All that snow clumped together on every branch.
With a sky so clear and blue, you know the sun will be busy melting things

Yes, I do like my winter wonderland...I'd like it better yet if spring was next week!

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