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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aww, nuts!

You may recall how I collected my hazelnuts before the deer got to them. That was in the fall. I did much better than last year. I got two lousy little nuts and that was all she wrote! This year I plucked two buckets full of those hazelnut husks, so I was happy about that, I'll tell you!

Of course, as you can see, they are still in their husks and even in the same bucket I used to harvest them. Guess Jim Bessey isn't the only procrastinator, huh? Well, all I can say in my defense is, I had a good reason to wait....and it wasn't Just Camping Out!

 See this? That is the hazelnut husk and to get those nuts out of them can I put this delicately... Is a pain in the butt! So, I had an idea. I would allow the husks to dry thoroughly in the vague hope they simply would  fall off, saving me a heck of a lot of trouble.

Did it work? Not in the slightest. Oh, the husks did indeed dry up but those nuts were not budging.

They are tricky too. They kind of get lost in the mass of leaf-like cluster that is the husk and man-o-man do they hold on tight to their home! Takes a force of nature to get them out...that or a hungry squirrel. It was Tom that noticed it first. He told me I better do something if I wanted those nuts cuz it looked like the bucket of husky nuts which I kept on the porch was attracting some critters...field mice or that nasty squirrel which terrorizes my birds and ruins my feeders. I hate that squirrel!

What was Tom's first clue? He told me he found a hord of nuts on some of his leak detector equipment--a hose full of nuts---and Brandon opened up some pumps to find they were used for storing nuts too. Field mice are just too funny and resourceful!

So, I brought in my bucket and got to un-husking those nuts. It took me a while...a whole movie, in fact. Yes, I put on The Lake House while I did this. This is one of my very useful containers half full. Once again my container stash was useful, lest you think otherwise.

It is rather odd that two buckets worth of harvested hazelnuts can be reduced, once you remove them from the husks, to one small container and it was only 3/4 full.

I did find evidence of critters having themselves a feast. Some of the nuts were chewed right into the kernel. Pretty nifty!

Lookie here! Here's evidence the nut was either scratched out of the husk or chewed to get the tasty meal inside. Where there is food, the critters will find it. I almost felt bad taking it away from them, but not enough to allow them to have them. The deer got them last year, so they weren't getting these, if I could help it. Well, they are mine, after all. I planted the two Hazelnut shrubs, not them! They can look for nuts in the woods.


  1. Aww.. nuts! LOL. You said it all!!!

  2. Glory, you have to be on the ball to get hazelnuts before the squirrels get'em! How lucky to get a pail full! Those hazelnuts are good in cookies too...hint hint. Nuts! That hinting hasn't worked yet. ":)

  3. Hints I can take all day long, but they don't get me an address to mail to, now do they? That's my hint for the day!

  4. I like nuts as much as the next person, but sometimes I fear for my teeth. A friend of mine has to make an emergency visit to the dentist after biting into a nut.


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