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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clutter be vanquished!

See what being trapped inside during winter does to me? Now I'm going around vanquishing clutter. Not a bad thing to do, I supposed, but I'd rather, not Just camping out....gardening.

I have the tendency of collecting sturdy plastic containers the ones in which food comes in from the store. I keep them just because I might need them one day. Sure enough, I do....often for storing leftovers, but other things too. I love using them in the garden, to pick berries, to root stems, collect seeds and sometimes to start seedlings once I poke holes on the bottom.

I suppose you're wondering why in heaven's name I would keep all these around. I like the variety of sizes and I always use them for storing all sorts of stuff like seeds, sewing notions and Tom or Brandon always need a few of them to separate small hardware from this pump so it doesn't get mixed up with the hardware from that pump. After the containers wear out, get funky looking from stains or whatever, then I send them to the recycle center and hope...yes, hope...that they actually do get recycled. There is no guaranty they will. Those recycling centers may just decide to take it all to the dump and then what good is that? In any case, it's just easier to wash the containers and store them in case I may need them than it is to take them down to the recycle center and then say, "Gees, I could really use a...." See what I mean?

But there does come a point when I just have too many, so out they must go. I keep the ones I will most likely reuse and chuck the rest.

That looks better. Yes, I probably still have far more than I need, but I have space, so no worries.

It's when I run out of room that I really start saying, "I guess I have to go to the recycle center".

With the boys setting up household soon, most of these will go to the way of food they smuggle out of here, I suspect!


  1. are you using a dish rack to store the lids... freaking genius!!!! I love it, I only wish I had more than 5 cupboards in my house so I could use it!

  2. I had an extra dish rack and so...I thought it was perfect. LOL


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