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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dusty houseplants make for unhappy plants

Winter time is hard enough on houseplants. Don't make it tougher on them by letting dust collect on their leaves. A dusty plant is just not as happy as a clean one.
My dusty Clivia looks sad

I took stock of my own plants one day while vacuuming. Gees-Louise, but they were dusty! And not just dusty...there was cat hair and in some cases spider webs all over the poor dears. Well, I knew I had been neglecting them horribly.

Whoa! Spider webs? Eek!

So, I took a useful container from my stash in the kitchen--see? I told you they were useful!--and I filled it with warm water and a tiny drop of dish soap. I took a soft rag--I think it might have been a sock in  a former life-- and I carefully wiped at each leaf one at a time. This also helps prevent any insect infestations before they start. Must work because I hardly ever get any!
I can't see the leaves for the dust!

It's not exactly a glamorous job nor is it quick and easy, but it does help the foliage stay useful to the plant--photosynthesis and all that, you know, works best when the sun can actually penetrate the dust to get into the plant!

This is a good time to check plants for dried or dying leaves, any problems and possibly to re-pot if need be. I actually like to dawdle and clean each and every leaf, slowly and carefully. It brings me to my happy place, I guess. Lacking the garden, that's important for me.

Of course, there is an easy way to clean your houseplants and I often resort to it. Just stick them in the shower. The gentle spray for a few minutes will refresh, clean and hydrate them like nothing else. Like a warm spring shower in mid-winter.... How lovely!

If you wish to make your houseplant happy, I suggest you clean those dusty leaves. You'll be happy you did.


  1. This is always a good thing to do according to my resident green thumb girl. The plants are much healthier! ":)


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