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Monday, January 30, 2012

First snow for 2012

It's the first snow fall of 2012 (I'm posting this a week late) and as always I wish it to be the last. I know, rather silly of me, but there you have it. Snow was never my friend.

I ventured out on my porch without a coat for these photos, so I hope you appreciate it! It was chilly out there. A few photos down you'll see exactly how chilly.

It may be a beautiful sight for some, I suppose, but I do find it awfully dreary. The monotone days just zap me of mirth and vim and vigor. ~Sigh~ And spring so far away.

It was still snowing when I took the photos so don't know the total snow accumulation yet.

I do believe Tommy will need to plow though. Our magic driveway can only do so much.

Why is it a magic driveway? Because the blacktop allows a light snow to melt, providing the sun is out to warm it up. Tyler's car is the only one out in the snow. Tom was in New Hampshire working while this snow came down here in PA, but my car is snug in the garage as were the plow/work truck and the van.

Oh, my poor Julie/Abby friendship rose garden! I do hope you make it through this variable winter. From bitterly cold to almost mild, temperature fluctuations are the worse things for plants.

Well, at least a multitude of flaws are covered with the snow. As if I care about weeds and such while the sun's shining warm on me! I live for my garden flaws. I wouldn't be needed if everything was perfect, now would I?

Oh, but it will be a while before I'm out there fussing and yanking weeds, transplanting this and re-planting that.

My-my, but it be cold! The Rhododendrrons tell the tale. They huddle down to protect themselves and to tell us tropicallies to stay inside on such a day as this. BRRRRRRR!

So, much for the first snowfall. There will be others, I'm quite sure.


  1. Oh how beautiful. I love snow, it gives everything such a peaceful appearance.

  2. Glory, you sure did get some beautiful pics...snow or not! It's almost enough to accept snow for a day or two, isn't it? Tropicales...I enjoyed this very well written read! ":)


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